Heartbreaking details Erin Moran's husband shared after her tragic death

In a moving letter, Steve Fleischmann, explains details of the death of the actress of "Happy Days".

The generation of the 70s, the lovers of television and everyone who knew Erin Moran was affected by the sad news. The famous child actress who gave life to Joanie Cunningham in Happy Days had died at 56 years old. They were difficult days because the speculation was added: many believed that it was because of an overdose since he suffered from addiction to some drugs and, according to his neighbors, had even been living on the street.

Her husband Steve Fleischmann wanted to clarify everything and also open up to tell what he suffered in a revealing and moving letter. In it he says that Moran died after a short battle against cancer. They met on April 22, 1992 and this year they would celebrate 26 years of that moment ... but everything was suddenly interrupted.

Until November of 2016, she was fine, according to Steve. But the bloodstains continued to appear on his pillow. The first time, Erin supposed that she had bitten her tongue while she slept and her husband thought it was logical. But days later, the situation repeated itself. When they went to check what it was, they discovered that it was not the language, it was their tonsils. After a biopsy, the diagnosis of skin cancer was evident.

Steve is devastated but at the same time calm. She knows that she fired her in the best way since the illness was so strong that according to the doctors, the end would have been the same if it was full of antibiotics in a hospital.

Erin's ex-boyfriend and co-star, Scott Baio, shared his opinion about the event, "If you do drugs or drink, you're going to die." "She was just an insecure human being and fell into this world of drugs and alcohol," he said. In addition, Scott was responsible for sharing Steve's letter on Facebook, so that everyone knew the truth and respected the grief of people close to Erin.

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