Woman screams in terror after her phone explodes in the car

A video of an exploding iPhone 6 went viral earlier today and shared on social media sites a warning to other phone users. 

The clip was shared on the Sun's YouTube channel and shows the woman driving down a highway in China when the phone "pops" open before bursting into flames. 

The unnamed woman screamed at the first explosion but continued driving to not block traffic. A few seconds later, the phone caught fire again. 

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Source: YouTube/The Sun

Source: YouTube/The Sun

When the phone caught flames again, the woman slammed on the breaks and fled. She can be heard talking to a concerned motorist in the background. 

Her husband, Mr. Jiang, later told reporters that they had replaced the battery six months earlier. 

The shop owners informed Mr. Jiang that they used genuine parts, but now he is not convinced. The store also doesn't want to honor their repair. Mr. Jiang said

"They're refusing to take further responsibility and won't compensate us."

Instead of the replacing the phone or compensating for the damage caused by the explosion, they are only willing to give the couple a second-hand phone. 

Temperatures in that district reached 37 degrees Celcius week, or 99 degrees Fahrenheit, hotter even than the States and the UK. 

The poor quality battery coupled with the high temperates was already cause for concern. To add to that, the woman left the phone in the sun on the dashboard. 

Apple Inc. warns their customers that iPhones should not be exposed to "ambient temperatures higher than 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 35 degrees Celcius." 

Heat can "permanently damage battery capacity," and it won't be able to hold a change. The ideal temperatures for a phone are 62 to 72 degrees F or 16 to 22 degrees C. 

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