August 10, 2018

Woman fighting for her life after being attacked in children's play park

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The woman was sexually attacked by a 56-year-old man and was left in a critical condition at a children’s play park in Leicester, England.

The man was arrested after he was suspected of attempted murder following the assault. At present, the woman is in the hospital fighting for her life, according to the police.

As revealed by the Leicestershire Police, the victim was found at a children’s park near Cedar Road at 4:45 a.m. on August 3, 2018.

Until now, investigations are still on-going.


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The crime scene investigators and forensic specialists have sifted through the area and scanned through the CCTV footage.

By August 7, the 56-year-old man was arrested but was released on bail on the same day.

Officers continue to investigate the case and have asked help from the public, asking for anyone who might have crucial information that could help with the investigation.

Source: YouTube

As soon as the police arrived on the scene, the play park was closed, and forensic experts examined the location.


Other police officers went door-to-door in the houses surrounding the area for inquiries.

Leading the investigation is Detective Inspector Gareth Goddard. He said the investigation continues even though a man has already been arrested.

“This woman was subjected to a horrific assault and was left with injuries leaving her in hospital in a critical condition,” he said.


He urged the public to come forward and get in touch with the authorities if they have any information related to the attack.

Goddard added, “Did you see the assault take place? Did you see anyone hanging around? Or did you see anyone traveling through the area who raised some suspicions? You may not think what you saw is significant, but he could assist our investigation.”

This wouldn’t be the first time a woman was sexually assaulted at a children’s playground. In San Diego, a teenage girl was also attacked at a Chula Vista play park in June 2018.