August 10, 2018

Girl acted possessed after an ovarian tumor drastically changed her personality

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An 18-year-old girl from Ashford, Kent, was believed to be possessed due to a particularly rare tumor with teeth and hair that was found in her ovaries.

Aimee Sage had to be rushed to the hospital, where she spent her 18th birthday, and left her doctors and family members flabbergasted by the discovery.

According to the Daily Mail, initially, her mother, Elaine Sage, believed that she had contracted a viral infection, but as soon as her daughter's behavior started to change, she feared the worst.

It all started when Aimee's temperature sky-rocketed, then she started screaming and telling her terrified parents that she desperately needed to plan her own funeral.


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Elaine revealed that watching Aimee change so rapidly seemed like something out of The Exorcist film, as if she was possessed by a demonic entity.

The mother described Aimee as a kind and gentle young woman, so seeing her yelling and jumping around in rage left her scared and worried. Eventually, she had to take her daughter to William Harvey Hospital.


She stayed there for three whole days and doctors weren't able to figure out what was causing the change in her behavior. From there, Aimee was transferred to the neurology department of Kent and Canterbury Hospital.

After 10 days, the assigned medical team found a tumor in Aimee's right ovary, known as an ovarian teratoma, which develops from germ cells. This tumor is known to create human eggs with hair, teeth and even bone.


The tumor was causing her own immune system to attack her brain, which explained her personality change, but it can also cause seizures, confusion and memory loss.

The teratoma was eventually removed during a three-hour surgery performed at The Queen Mother Hospital in Margarate. For 12 days, Aimee remained unconscious, with her family keeping a close eye on her,

Aime wasn't able to have a regular 18th birthday, but she was discharged from the hospital soon after that. She didn't remember anything and had to learn to walk again, but revealed that she was determined to go back to her old self in no time.