Remember little Kady from ‘My Wife and Kids’? She is all grown up and is a swimsuit model

Parker McKenna Posey is better known for her role as the cute Kady Kyle from the sitcom "My Wife and Kids." She is now 22-year-old and is looking better than ever.

Posey started her career as an actress at the tender age of four after she landed the role of Kady in the ABC sitcom "My Wife and Kids." She was one of the favorites of the audience, and even though the series was a success, it only lasted five seasons.

After the cancellation of the show, Parker went on to make small appearances in series like "iCarly," "Alice Upside Down," "Street Life," and TV movies like "Meet the Santas" and "Summer Camp"

Parker, who's now 22, has done more than just acting. She’s also done some swimsuit modeling and is a budding fashion designer. She’s currently the face of YMI Jeans, and she's also one of the models for her brand, Honey Dip, which specializes in swimsuits for women of color.

According to her IMDB page, the young woman hasn't limited her career in the entertainment industry to acting. She has expanded her horizons in writing, producing and singing, which makes her a complete package in an industry where most people are just pretty faces.

She's also a philanthropist and has been working with the Stand Up to Cancer Foundation for years now. Parker dreams of being able to open her non-profit organization soon to help others in need. 

And whenever she's not working on her craft or helping others, Parker dedicates her life to travel, absorbing in different cultures to help her expand her view about the world and the people. She has been especially interested in encouraging women whenever she goes.

Most of her followers on Instagram are interested in knowing if Parker is currently single or taken. And the rumor mill states that she's dating rapper Chris Sails from the Chris and Queen Youtube channel, even though he's married but publicly admitted last year that he had cheated on his wife Queen in several occasions.

Fans are urging Parker to not get involved with the man, but she's doesn't seem to be bothered by the rumors, as she recently promoted the rapper's new music video. 

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