Whoopi Goldberg's daughter is now 45 and has 3 grown, beautiful kids

Actress Alex Martin, best known as the daughter of Whoopi Goldberg, took to Instagram to share a collage showing herself and her three children and only grandchild.

The collage consisted of four selfies pasted together portraying Alex next to each one of her children: daughters Amarah Skye (born November 13, 1989) and Jerzey (born 1995) and son Mason (born 1998).

Finally, the fourth member of the family showed in the post was Alex’ granddaughter Charlie Rose, the daughter of Amarah, who was born in May 2014. In the caption, Alex set clear that she was with all her babies.

As soon as the proud mother uploaded that image, her friends and followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

One of them was Instagram user @dmalk1978, who admitted that Alex had a nice bunch of children. @ceruld chimed in and said that the woman had a beautiful family


Even though having a celebrity relative doesn’t necessarily means that a child would work in the entertainment industry, Alex chose to follow in her mother’s footsteps and became an actress and producer.

Being the daughter of an actress, comedian, author, and TV host who has been nominated to 13 Emmy Awards and won Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards definitely helped.

Alex became the Miss Golden Globe at the 1994 Golden Globe Awards and, after that, she worked on a couple of roles, including “American Intellectuals,” “Call Me Claus” and “Strange As Angels.”

As a producer, she has worked in films like “Descendants,” “Sensitive Men,” and “According to Alex.”

One of the most mysterious aspects of Alex’s life is that she has never revealed the identity of Amarah’s father.

Jerzey and Mason, however, were born during Alex’s marriage to Bernand Dean. The couple got divorced once in the past but remarried on October 15, 2011.

The ceremony was very private as only the closest members of her family, and a few friends were present. From that point on, they have been living happily together with the children.

While Alex is not as active on social media as fans would like, she has shared several posts showing her family, proving how good a relationship they have.

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