Dying mother of two given only months to live saved by ex-husband's new wife

After being diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer, 41-year-old Nikola Hitchen was saved by an expensive treatment, the funding for which came from a campaign promoted by his ex-husband’s new wife.

The Facebook page dedicated to raising awareness about the lifesaving treatment of Hitchen posted a photograph of a newspaper cutout to report on her appeal for funding.

After being diagnosed, Hitchen didn’t lose hope and did everything in her power to find out if she could treat her cancer.

In her search, she went to Northumberland and then to Istanbul, Turkey. There, after spending over $90,000 for treatment at the facility, which boasts a high success rate for treating stage 4 cancer, the main part of the tumor in her abdomen had shrunk.

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However, she required around $10,000 for each of her trip to Turkey which was causing her to run out of money. She was not sure how long she could continue with her cure.

That’s when Hitchen’s ex-husband’s new wife, Clare Hitchen, decided to step in and help her out.

Clare started a crowdfunding page to help raise the money for Nikki’s cancer treatments. So far, the page has even managed to gather over $23,000 in donations.

Bored Daddy further quoted Clare as stating in the appeal, “[The boys] need their mum and she deserves the chance to watch them grow into men and have their own families.”

The heartfelt appeal from Clare has been loved by everyone, not the least of whom is Hitchen herself. She told Bored Daddy, “I’m completely overwhelmed – everyone, especially Clare, has been amazing.”

She further admitted that she never thought people liked her very much. But now she believes that the appeal for funding and the love and support shown by everyone toward her has brought the family even closer.

“The support I’ve been given has been phenomenal, not just from my family but from complete strangers too,” she concluded.

Hitchen is a mother to two beautiful young children, who first experiencing complications and pain due to her cancer a year prior to her diagnosis. At the time, the doctor believed the pain was a result of an infection from a past operation.

However, after taking her to a hospital and then into an intensive care, doctors found that she had an abscess on her cervix.

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