August 15, 2018

Stephen 'tWitch' Boss responds to the future of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

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Fans are not happy about rumors doing the rounds that "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" might come to an end. Here's what we know. 

At the recent 2018 Teen Choice Awards, ET Online caught up with Stephen Boss, also known as "tWitch," who is the DJ on DeGeneres's show. 

tWitch couldn't give a definite answer. Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa, and scroll down to see his reply. 

The freestyle hip-hop dancer and entertainer has been working alongside DeGeneres for the past four years and is known as her sidekick. 


He told reporters that he would sure be sad when the show came to an end because "it's an amazing place to be in the afternoon." 

However, tWitch believes that DeGeneres "put in mad years" into her talk show and that it would have to end at some point. 

While there is no definite end in sight just yet, tWitch said they're just enjoying it while it lasts. Regardless of what DeGeneres decides, he will support her. He added

"It’s more than just like … she’s a mentor, she’s a friend, she’s a teacher. It’s awesome, man."

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DeGeneres has said in the past that she will keep the show on air until she figured out what the next chapter in her life will be. 

She admitted that retirement doesn't hold any appeal to her and she really does love doing her show so fans can rest assured that she doesn't want to slow down just yet. 

DeGeneres opened up about the grief of losing a loved one and told Oprah that a former girlfriend died in a car crash years ago. 


She had regrets from that night because her girlfriend wanted to leave an event early, but DeGeneres decided to stay longer.

When she and her friends drove home later that night, they passed an accident, but DeGeneres only received news the following morning that her girlfriend had been one of the victims.