Dog saves little girl from the waves after she was knocked over (video)

Manuela Cardiga
Aug 15, 2018
11:13 P.M.

A heroic dog rescues a little girl on the beach


Keeping children safe on the beach during the Summer holidays is always a challenge. Little ones love to run into the waves and play in the water.

Adults know what a challenge active children can be, but one little girl's grandparent can rest easy knowing there is an extra pair of eyes on the child, reported Daily Mail.

On the 3rd of August, a big shaggy dog called Matyas was enjoying a day at the beach with his family at Gouville- sur -Mer, France, when something happened that would make him a media star.

Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

'Nice to have such a smart dog around... he watches that little girl better than many adults would.'

Youtube, 3rd of August 2018


Matyas' owner's granddaughter who appears to be around 5 years old, was playing happily in the breakers when one wave swept over the little girl and rolled her off her feet.

Matyas lept to the rescue and grabbing the little one by her t-shirt proceeded to drag her out of the surf, and out of reach of the breakers, much to the child's amusement.

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The delightful "rescue" was captured on video by Matyas' owner and posted on Youtube, where it quickly went viral. People were captivated by the joyous peals of laughter the child let out while being "rescued" by her furry friend.


So far the video has been viewed by more than a million people, with hundreds commenting on the dog's behavior.

Fans and commentators are now involved in a heated debate trying to ascertain what Matyas' breed might be, with guesses ranging from a Sarplaninac, a Leonberger, a Keeshond, to a Newfoundland dog.

There are many stories of man's best friend leaping to the rescue, and you might enjoy these related articles about brave animals who put their lives on the line for their human friends.

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