August 23, 2018

Woman goes to say goodbye to gravely ill pregnant sheep but saw 4 lambs crawl out from the straw

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Amy Hill shared the remarkable story of how her 10-year-old Katahdin sheep, Dotty, gave birth to four lambs despite the risks of them being born still.

Hill took to Facebook to share the story and explained that there was no reason to be worried initially as Dotty had lambed several times before and had always produced healthy babies for Snowy River Farm.

Dotty is one of the most important animals on the farm for Hill because she was the first ewe that she ever owned.

‘She started my love of sheep, she is my best ewe friend and she means the world to me,’ Hill wrote in her Facebook post.


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So when Hill found Dotty unable to move one morning she was terrified. She found her ‘on her back, eyes rolling in her head and struggling to breathe.’  She then ran to her, flipped her over onto her front and held her upright.


She then called for the vet, worried that Dotty might be going through pregnancy toxemia, which is also known as ketosis. So she immediately gave Dotty high-sugar supplements so that her sugar levels were high.

Pregnancy toxemia is one of the common issues faced by animals carrying large litters. Hill has also speculated that probably the babies were just too big because they had experimented crossbreeding with a different breed of ram.


With time, Dotty’s sugar levels balanced out. But Hill and the vet were worried that she had still not given birth to the babies yet. Upon further checking, they found out that Dotty’s sides were distended and the babies inside her were not moving at all.


Hill lost all hope and was convinced that the babies were lost inside Dotty and soon she would have to be put down as well.

We gave her a shot on Monday as the last effort, hoping it would allow her to pass the lambs on her own so we didn’t need to worry about infection,” she shared. “I checked her multiple times yesterday and still no change.”




When all hope seemed lost, Hill decided to say her friend a final goodbye and went to comfort her one last time.

Surprisingly, this time, she was four lamb moving about, all healthy, amid the farm straw. The babies and the mother had both made it miraculously.

Snowy River Farm is located in Nova Scotia and it focuses on raising animals without using any soy or corn. The farm is known for its respect and humane treatment of its animals.

It strives to foster ‘pasture-raised, heritage products created in a humane and ecologically friendly manner.’

Animals often surprise us by doing the unthinkable. Recently, a horse from Saratoga Stud, named Daisy, also gave birth to twins and shocked everyone because horses are not designed to produce viable twin foals.

The owner of the horse believed that it was a special miracle that the horse, as well as both its babies, survived.