Mysterious 'hairy sea monster' filmed after it washed up on a desolate shoreline

An enormous creature has left Russian locals baffled after washing up on their shores. Svetlana Dyadenko was witness to the unidentifiable lifeless heap that appeared to be covered in thick fur. 

The video footage which you can watch below shows a woman going around the strange behemoth. Siberian Times reports that it is over thrice the size of a typical man. Dubbed a sea monster by viewers, the location of the head or eyes are indistinguishable on the body. The color of it is a stained off-white with brown patches.

One person in the video can make out a tail protruding from the creature and gives it a small kick. The rest of the body, however, is "covered with tubular fur," reports Siberian Times on a post made by Dyadenko. Follow us on Twitter for more @amomama_usa.

No explanation has been agreed upon as to what exactly the unusual creature is. Dyadenko offered up suggestions that it might be a furry octopus or even an ancient mammoth that surfaced. Some commenters pitched in with ideas that it might be a giant squid or even a "globster."

The term "globster" is used to denote a type of land whale or a similar sea creature whose specific identity is indeterminable. Coined by Ivan T Sanderson back in 1962, he described a Tasmanian carcass which had "no visible eyes, no defined head, and no apparent bone structure."

But Dyadenko responded to the idea by saying that the "globsters" people found before possessed no tails.

Some scientists apply the label "globsters" simply to the dead body or body parts of large sea creatures such as sharks and whales. The theory that it could be a type of blubber released from whales might apply if it weren't for the extreme furriness of the creature.

The Siberian Times reports that Sergei Kornev, a marine biologist from the Research Institute of Fisheries, still sticks to the globster theory. He proposed that the creature captured on the video is remnants of a rotting sea animal. 

He says that time and the influence of other animals sometimes cause parts of a whale to develop into "bizarre forms." 

Meanwhile, Dyadenko hopes that scientists can further examine the mysterious sea monster that reached the shores of the Kamchatka peninsula. Locals tried but were unable to remove it due to a portion of it being totally emerged in the black volcanic sand. 

Source: YouTube

The occurrence left viewers of the video puzzled and in awe. Whereas another incident which happened in July inspired faith in many. During a storm in Tuscaloosa Alabama, a lady recorded dark clouds that had settled in the sky. She pointed out an empty patch through which light poured through amidst the darkness.

Keeping her camera toward the distant location, discerning eyes could see what appeared to be a man-shaped figure walking briefly on a cloud before disappearing. Commenters who viewed the video called it "God."

A somewhat less mysterious event took place in May of 2018 when blue lines appeared on the roads of Maryland. Find out why locals of North Tonawanda chose to honor their local officers by painting these lines on the ground. 

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