Epic news 'fail' as weather reporter warns about dangerous storms

Aug 17, 2018
12:22 A.M.
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The reporter was passionately trying to warn everyone to stay off the roads, but the internet took her passion to new levels with their editing skills. 


Back in December 2015, Ireland was hit by Storm Desmond, bringing with it 80mph winds, heavy rains, and crashing seas. Teresa Mannion, a reporter for RTE News, was tasked with sharing the warning to people in the area. 

In video footage of her report, she was standing outside in gale force winds, being battered about by the rain. 

She had her earpiece turned up to full volume in an attempt to hear what she was being told by the studio in Dublin, and was speaking loudly into her microphone to ensure she was being heard. 


"Don't make unnecessary journeys. Don't take risks on treacherous roads. And don't swim in the sea. Incredibly, people have been spotted in the water here in Blackrock and Salthill," she said, desperately trying to implore viewers to listen. 

She was bundled up in a black raincoat and a grey beanie, but was still soaking wet from the rain. Because of the volume being turned up on her mic, her breathing sounded almost as though she was sobbing each time. 

While her warning was serious, netizens being who they are, they decided to edit her video. 


One clip saw the reporter getting knocked out by a large stop sign as she warned people not to swim in the ocean. Although fake, it's not really all that implausible given the weather conditions in the clip. 

Mannion later explained that many people around the world had thought the clip was real, and had tweeted at her to ask if she was alright. 


Following the videos, Mannion also said she suddenly had an influx of followers on her social media accounts. 

This was not the only edited clip, with "The Late Late Show" airing a compilation of the edited clips she faced following her report. 

Fortunately, Mannion had a good sense of humor about the internet's response, and laughed her way through the compilation videos.