Father who lost wife during childbirth sings Beatles song to dying newborn son

A video of Chris Picco singing “Blackbird” by his dying newborn son’s bedside after losing his wife went viral.

The devastated father filmed the video in the NICU at the Loma Linda University Children's Hospital, California, and shared it on YouTube November 12, 2014.

Chris took his guitar to his newborn baby, Lennon James Picco, to sing Paul McCartney even as his son is lying in an incubator in the Intensive Care Unit.

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The man lost his wife, Ashley, days earlier when she passed away in her sleep. The 30-year-old Ashely delivered their son by emergency C-section at just 24 weeks in Loma Linda Hospital.

According to the video, the baby’s lack of movement and brain activity was a concern for the medical staff at the hospital.

A few hours after the little concert for the little one, Lennon breathed his last aged just four days.

In a webpage dedicated to his wife, Chris wrote, “Ashley would often feel Lennon moving to music so I brought my guitar today and gave him a little concert.”

He revealed the news about his son’s death on social media for his friends and family. He said that his “little fighter” slept in his father’s arms for the last time.

The little boy was surrounded by his family, friends, the doctors, nurses, and the staff of the hospital. Chris added that his son was dressed in an outfit that his mother had bought for him. He was wrapped in a blanket made by “a dear friend.”

The distraught father said he was thankful for the unforgettable days he got with his son. He also believed that his wife would have been overjoyed to hold their son, bathe him, and sing to him.

Chris also set up a memorial fund in honor of his wife, Ashley, and it soon surpassed the initial goal of $50,000. Donations started pouring in as the video of the father singing for his touched hearts all over the world.

He planned to use the Ashley Picco Memorial Fund to cover medical expenses and to ensure that their family did not face financial challenges.

Another man, Steve Ullmer, was devastated by the sudden loss of his wife, Wendy. The two had met when they were in high school and survived long distance while in college.

She was by his side through his alcohol and drug addiction, and he eventually overcame them. They welcomed four sons after their marriage. 

However, one night in March 2017 changed everything for the happy family. Steve woke up to hear his wife gasp. It got his worried instantly, and he tried to wake her up.

However, she was unresponsive. Steve dialed emergency services and even performed CPR. When the responders arrived, Wendy was taken to the hospital where she breathed her last.

For some families, the loss of the loved ones is sudden and completely unexpected as it happened to Kevinn Quinn’s family. 

The 32-year-old was returning from a hospital after visiting his newborn child and his wife, Kara. He was in his SUV, and it crashed into Mickey A. Rivera’s car killing both the drivers.

The Mashpee Police were chasing 22-year-old Rivera before the crash. According to WCVB, he was out on a bail when the accident killed Kevinn.

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