They look like an ordinary couple, but their children’s unique appearance caused a stir online

Pedro Marrero
Dec 28, 2018
10:55 A.M.
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This couple of mixed ethnicity has received a lot of attention since they got married. Everyone who sees them wonders how do their children look like.


Jamie and Nikki Perkins from Melbourne, Australia, have been husband and wife since five years ago. They met each other four years before that thanks to the Myspace social network, as Daily Mail reported.

28-year-old Nikki is a professional model with a huge following on Instagram, and she also has a popular Youtube channel she shares with 34-year-old Jamie who is a photographer and media producer.

According to them, the two became a viral phenomenon by accident, and after that, they turned it into a profitable business as Vloggers. All thanks to the video of Jamie’s proposal. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa


“I needed to do something epic. I created a video that played in Federation Square, and Nikki sat in front of it to watch. My friend filmed it and we uploaded it to YouTube to share with the family,” Jamie said.


But what they expected to be seen only by family and friends ended up receiving more than 5 million likes.

“It went crazy. And then people in the comments wanted to know who we are - so vlogging came out of that,” Jamie shared.


Living in the 21st century it is not rare to see an interracial married couple, but only decades ago this was not something widely accepted in many societies. There are still some people who still opposed couples such as this.


Nevertheless, part of the appeal these two social media darlings have for the public is how different they look, and when they were about to become parents for the first time, one of the common questions was how their children were going to look.

The Perkins’s welcomed their first child, a baby girl they named Ava, in 2016, and she was followed by her sister Zoe in 2018. Both girls were born with brown skin, as it is usual for the darker skin, hair, and eye color to prevail.


Ava and Zoe are already making their own fans among their parents’s social media followers, who have been charmed by the two beautiful girls.


A couple of the 21st century

Apart from earning their living thanks to their online popularity, by sharing their day-to-day lives Nikki and Jamie are helping to change the remaining negative perceptions that still exist about couples with different ethnicities.

They are also a great example of how the world comes together in the era of fast communications and interconnectivity.Nikki was born in South Sudan, and she migrated with her family to Australia as a child. She met her future husband through social media, and it also provided with an unusual way of supporting themselves and their little darlings.