Little baby demonstrates how to do CPR and her moves quickly goes viral

Aug 22, 2018
10:07 P.M.

A baby girl, who accompanied her mother to a CPR class, amazingly picked up everything from a day’s lesson. Her surprising action was caught on tape.


The video uploaded to YouTube by Kyoot shows the baby approaching a dummy and operating CPR on it. Unbeknownst to the mother, she was apparently paying close attention to the class.​ ​​​​​​The mother of the child could not believe her eyes and could only stare at her child in awe.

Crawling over to the dummy, the baby first performs chest compressions on the dummy, while babbling something onto her.

After a few chest compressions, the young one begins to give the dummy mouth-to-mouth. She then goes on to perfectly alternate chest compressions with mouth-to-mouth, which must have left the mother as well as the entire class in amazement.

Source: YouTube/Kyoot

Source: YouTube/Kyoot

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The precision with which she performed the CPR routine is almost unbelievable, and it is a proof that this little girl is a close observer and an effective memorizer.

Source: YouTube/Kyoot

Source: YouTube/Kyoot

The video is one of the most adored clips on the internet. It has gathered over 500,000 views and has collected more than 1,000 likes so far. There are also about a 100 people commenting about the remarkable talent of the young girl.

Children are often discounted by adults as not being able to do smart things, but they prove this theory wrong time and again.

Back in June, a 3-year-old girl went viral on the internet after a video of her playing piano beautifully came out.

The little girl, named Charlotte, is a toddler from Hong Kong, who was captured beautifully playing Alegretto in F by JCF Bach. In the video, the little girl is even seen humming along while playing the piece on her piano.

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