Serena Williams rocks towering crown and regal-looking silk gown while filming ad

Tennis player Serena Williams was recently photographed wearing a huge crown and a black dress in the middle of the streets on New York.

The photo, which is expected to be part of a Beats By Dre advertisement, portrayed Williams wearing a big regal-looking silk black dress and a golden crown that made her look like some sort of queen.

That picture was uploaded to the Instagram account of @danamo, a senior culture editor/producer for ESPN. As soon as that image was posted, Williams’ fans and followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

One of them was Instagram user Angel Lenise, who pointed out that it was “absolutely amazing” and that he couldn’t wait to see the finished product.

As TMZ revealed, it was not the only thing Williams did during that day as she was recorded in the middle of a dance fight between the "good" and the "evil," so the winner basically could get the worldwide famous and talented tennis player.

One of the recordings showed Williams wearing a dress that was half pink and half black while going down the stairs to a group of people who were also wearing black outfits. Right behind Williams, several people in pink clothes were trying to drag her to their “side.”

Suddenly, the tennis star took her hands off of both groups, and all of them started walking to the street. So far, there are not many details about it, and its release date has not been announced either. Fans cannot wait for it, though.

That advertisement was shot a couple of days after Olympia, Williams’ daughter, was recorded moping the floor. In the video, which was shared on the baby’s Instagram account, she is portrayed wearing a white onesie that had a colorful pattern on it and pushing a mop that was bigger than her.

“I wanna clean and surprise Mommy. She loves everything clean,” was written in the caption, suggesting that it was what the baby was saying while cleaning the house.

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