Nick Cannon's son's mother Brittany ditches clothes in new pic, revealing childhood skin condition

Monica Otayza
Aug 23, 2018
01:27 P.M.
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Brittany Bell hopes to empower women in her newest photo where she reveals a childhood skin condition that has affected her for years. 


Brittany Bell is a Guamanian-American beauty queen and is the mother of "America's Got Talent" host Nick Cannon's child, Golden "Sagon" Cannon. 

Bell and Cannon had an on-and-off relationship which began in 2015, and they eventually shared a child which they now co-parent. Now that the former-Miss Universe Guam has quit the pageant life, she focuses her energy in trying to be the best mom to her son and running her own clothing business to support her son.



Her new clothing line called "Mama Gang" features clothes for both adults and kids, and what better way to promote her brand but by letting little Sagon promote it himself. 

While the focus of the photo shoot was meant to be on the shirts they were wearing, the little boy became the center of attention as he moved around set, proving he is a natural in front of the camera just like his parents. 


It's not just a mother and a businesswoman that Brittany is currently busy with, however, as she recently spoke up about the skin condition she's had since she was five called "vitiligo." 

"Since the age of five, I’ve had vitiligo - and all my life I felt different when I would look at the skin of others. No matter what anyone’s skin color was I always thought it was beautiful because their skin was all one color no matter the shade. My Knees... my ankles... my eyelids... my wrists... always something I felt uncomfortable with. (Especially when I first started modeling.) When I was a little girl I would cry to my mother in sadness and frustration after every attempt to get my skin color back had failed.."


Vitiligo, according to MedicineNet, is a disease wherein the pigment cells of the skin called melanocytes, are destroyed in certain areas. This causes the skin to become depigmented, with white patches of skin appearing in certain locations of the body. 

Now that she's a grown woman, Bell has learned to love the skin she's in, feeling confident with her own body now that she's accepted the condition. She hopes to inspire other women who are also in the same situation to love the skin they're in and feel confident no matter what. 

"I wanted to encourage women to find their strength. Their confidence. Their self-acceptance. So that they may uplift one another and not compete, compare, or seek to become anything they are not. To promote self acceptance in a world that offers you to alter who you are. To begin this journey, I started with me... sharing my vulnerability. My strength."


Brittany is doing a great job inspiring other people with the same skin condition, and she proves to be a good role model to her child, who will most definitely look up to his mom for inspiration and advice when he's older.