Beyoncé and Jay-Z show interrupted after drunk fan runs on stage

Beyonce and Jay-Z were about to wrap up their ‘On The Run II’ concert in Atlanta when chaos erupted after a drunken fan set foot on stage and tried to chase them.

Just when Beyonce and Jay-Z’s concert at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta was about to end on Saturday, a man from the audience attempted to get to his idols by rushing up to the stage and following them backstage. 

Footage of the incident taken by members of the audience revealed the power pair had just finished performing their track “Apesh*t” when an intoxicated man in a white jersey and black shorts rushed up the stage and headed towards the backstage where the power couple proceeded after their performance. 

Backup dancers who were still performing on stage noticed the intruder and were at first confused but immediately followed him to the back of the stage to keep him from getting to the concert stars. Towards the end of the video, a group of security guards was seen holding down the man as the crowd watched in disbelief. 

In a statement released by the couple’s tour team after the incident, it was revealed,

“At the end of last night's show, we had an intoxicated male enter the stage. At this point, we had a controlled evacuation of all crew on the stage in order to safely defuse the situation. We are happy to confirm that nobody was hurt during the incident, and Mr. & Mrs. Carter are choosing not to press charges against the individual."

The latest incident with the drunken man comes in the heels of another cause for a scare during the couple’s show in Nashville, Tennessee. The Queen nearly suffered a nasty fall while descending a flight of steps. 

Back in July, the couple’s concert in Warsaw, Poland was also temporarily halted by a malfunctioning flying stage. Beyonce was stranded on the stage suspended 20 feet in the air and was forced to descend from a ladder. 

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