Fans of Meghan Markle will probably be able to watch her on TV again

The Duchess of Sussex has managed to win the love of one of the most important women in the life of her husband Prince Harry: Queen Elizabeth II. And the monarch will be who marks Markle’s great return to television.

On August 30, ITV announced their upcoming new chapter in their series of specials dedicated to the Queen of England, previously releasing the documentaries "Our Queen" and "Our Queen at 90" with great success.

The newest release will bring a special treat for those who miss seeing 37-year-old former Hollywood star Meghan Markle on their TV screens, as this will be the first time when she joins the rest of the Royal Family to honor the head of state.

Markle’s appearance in the documentary will mark her great return to the small screen, even though she will be playing herself this time, to help tell the story of the 92-year-old and her relationship with the Commonwealth.

The special will be called "Queen of the World" and in it, we will see other members of the royal family sharing their testimonies as well. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

“The Queen is the most well-traveled monarch in history and it’s been fascinating to see how she has passed on her experience to the younger generations of the royal family,” said the “Queen of the World” executive producer Nicolas Kent.

“With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex about to embark on their first Commonwealth Tour to Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific exactly sixty-five years after the Queen’s first Commonwealth Tour, this series could not be more timely,” he added.

As we can tell from Kent’s comment, Markle is already following the steps of her grandmother-in-law, and she will continue joining her husband in keeping the Queen’s legacy alive, even if they probably never get to the throne.

It seems that the arrival of the controversial Duchess to the royal family is helping them open up a little more to the people, letting them learn some of the secrets behind the great walls of the royal palace.

While doing so, Markle could be playing her most important role to date, which could make her earn a special place in England’s sensibility, just like her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, the “People’s Princess” did.

In the few months during which Markle has been an official member of the House of Windsor, she has been the center of much controversy for the ways she constantly seems to defy old royal customs.

While many conservatives keep signaling her out when she breaks royal protocol, much more people find her to be more relatable to every time she is just herself, and she is winning more and more hearts to her side.

The Duchess latest mischief happened just days ago, on August 28, when she attended a special presentation of the Broadway musical “Hamilton” in London wearing a rather short skirt with no tights.

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