Kylie Jenner shares photo of daughter Stormi in baby swimsuit and straw hat

Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi posed for some cute poolside photos, which the proud mother shared on Instagram. Their little photo shoot marked the little girl's 7th month on Earth. 

To celebrate Stormi's 7th month, Kylie and Stormi decided to lounge by the pool and enjoy the summer heat. The first-time mother looked great in her bright yellow bikini, which showed off her stunning post-pregnancy body, featuring a flat stomach and long slim legs. 

Given that she has finally been open to showing more of her little bundle of joy with her fans on social media, Kylie has been posting adorable snaps of the two of them enjoying separate occasions together. One thing that her photos can prove though, is that just like her famous family, the little girl clearly loves staying outdoors, enjoying the heat of the sun. 

Now, the mother-and-daughter duo looked adorable soaking up the sun, as Stormi matched her mom's summery vibes by wearing a cream bathing suit and straw hat. 

Letting the photos do all the talking, the beauty mogul left her photo captionless, and one full of bright emojis. 

Things have been going great for Kylie, who recently just revealed that her billion-dollar beauty line Kylie Cosmetics is set to hit Ulta Beauty shelves sometime soon. This could not have come at a more perfect time, especially now that it's almost Christmas season, and everyone is set to purchase gifts for their loved ones. 

Now that her business is booming and she still stars in her family's hit reality TV show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", Kylie can most definitely provide her daughter Stormi with an extremely comfortable life. To add to this, her boyfriend and baby daddy Travis Scott is making millions himself, which proves that the Jenner-Webster family has definitely got it covered until they grow old. 

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