Man who viciously tries to kick a dog at the beach gets chased by 3 more

A beachgoer was out with friends when he decided that laying around on the sand wasn't quite enough for his outing. He attempted to kick a stray dog instead.

The YouTube video shows the man running directly towards the dog on the beach. When he reaches it, the dog jerks up to avoid the kick, causing the man to fall on his buttock due to the speed he was going.

According to Unilad, the man's friends were on the beach with him when he decided to pull the stunt. But no one could save him from what was to come next.

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Right away you see three other dogs start running after the man forcing him to sprint across the beach. The pack drew him into the ocean where he stayed for a while before the dogs eventually left. 

For this man, the internet agreed wholeheartedly that "karma" came right away and was indeed sweet. 

Back in March 2018, another form of animal cruelty led to a puppy's horrible death on an airplane. 

A flight attendance ordered some passengers to place their French bulldog Papacito in the overhead bin. She reassured them that the dog would be safe.

Sadly, Papacity was found dead a few hours later when the flight landed in New York City. The case is being investigated since the family blames the flight attendant for the death. 

And earlier this year, another case of abuse was witnessed, this time in a subway train. A Toronto woman was seen grabbing and hitting what appears to be her own dog. 

Fellow passengers gave her disapproving looks, but one man took a stand to stop the violent act. He confronted the woman, telling her to "stop hitting your dog." 

The woman responded defensively, asking the man who he is. Then she tried to sidetrack her actions by saying the man was standing too close to her for comfort. 

She ended up leaving the subway not long after and internet users have called for the video to be sent to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or Toronto Animal Services in order to find and save the dog. 

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