Sweet dog encourages everyone who walks past to play catch with him

A video shows a Border Collie playing catch with some passers-by who are enthralled with the friendly canine. 

Ash the dog lives in Looe, Cornwall and is well-known for his ball-catching antics with strangers and friends alike. The Facebook video shared some of the sweet dog's joy with the world. You can find it below. 

Unilad did an interview with the dog owner, Kerry, and described how Ash started the practice that established him as the most fun dog on his block.

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Kerry said: 

"I cannot remember when Ash first started playing ball with passers-by, but it initially started when the ball would roll out due to slightly uneven ground." He goes on, "Ash soon figured out that if the ball went out people would throw it back to him." 

And so it was decided. This would be a dog's dream, to have a never-ending source of catch players. The genius dog optimized his strategy at a young age: 

"Ash learned to kick the ball out so that people would throw it back to him. He was playing catch regularly by the time he was two years old." 

And Ash apparently can't wait to get his day started every morning: 

"As soon as we get up in the morning Ash runs to the front door waiting for us to let him out. If we've been out, Ash will push past us to get outside when we come back home." 

Some viewers were concerned with the small space Ash plays from, but Kerry reassures: 

"Ash can come inside whenever he wants to, we have two doors, the outer one is open all the time when he is out. If it is colder we will shut the inner one but Ash will bang on it with his paw when he wants to come in; it's his favorite place.

 Ash doesn't always get the catch though. Sometimes people don't realize it's his and take it for their own dog or kick it down the road. His thoughtful family usually have extra balls on hand though. 

Kerry explains how they "hear a lot of laughter outside [their] house." Such a positive 

Earlier this month, everyone who has a pet got to share some of their adorableness with the internet. The snoot challenge was started. 

It called for pet owners to make a circle with their thumb and forefinger which their animal would then put their nose through out of curiosity. 

And earlier in May, we found a viral video that had compiled a series of clips showing dogs being told to do things they just don't want to do. 

One clip showed a puppy staying in a duffel bag. When the owner draws it out for a while, it jumps right back in soon after and doesn't fall for that again. 

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