Ayesha and Stephen Curry's little daughter strikes a pose in red dress on her first day of Pre-K

Ryan Curry, the second child that celebrity cook Ayesha and NBA star Stephen Curry have had, posed in a beautiful outfit on her first day of pre-kindergarten.

The three-year-old girl was wearing white shoes and matching socks, as well as a long-sleeved red dress that made her look beautiful. Her hair was tied up in a high knot, and her head was slightly tilted for the photo.

In the caption, her proud mother wrote that her “baby girl” went into pre-kindergarten determined and ready to learn. Ayesha added that Ryan was very excited to win over the hears of her sister’s friends.

As soon as she uploaded that picture, her followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

One of them was Instagram user @davida2731, who pointed out that Ryan was a pretty little princess. User Sofia Riley chimed in and told the girl to stop growing up that fast.


Ayesha has been sharing several images showing her three children, Riley, Ryan, and Canon on social media. One of them portrayed all three of them and her mother wearing matching white and grey pajamas.

They were sitting in what appeared to be the girls' bedroom while flashing their smiles at the camera. Canon’s face was not visible. However, his parents previously showed it to her followers on Instagram, too.


As Celebritist previously reported, the Golden State Warriors star released an article titled “This Is Personal” on The Player’s Tribune addressing the kind of life he would like his daughters to have, focusing on gender equality.

It began with an adorable story about Riley’s future career aspirations. She joined her parents’ current professions – an NBA player and a celebrity chef – and said that she wanted to be “a basketball player cook.”

While it might be difficult, Stephen admitted that he always encourages her Ryan to follow their dreams no matter what society might think of them. Apart from that, he added that he wanted that girls could grow up believing that they could dream big and strive for a career where they would be treated – and paid – fairly and equally.

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