Father-in-law grabs bride near altar and destroys wedding

Aby Rivas
Sep 05, 2018
02:15 P.M.
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What was supposed to be the happiest day in the life of this couple got ruined thanks to the effect of alcohol. The groom’s father did something unacceptable that caused both families to start a fight in the middle of the celebration.

Source: Youtube/ Shangaiist.

Source: Youtube/ Shangaiist.

This Chinese woman will surely remember her wedding day forever, and not precisely because it was what she ever dreamed of. Her father-in-law’s outrageous behavior ruined the mood of her celebration with his actions.


According to The Sun, the lavish wedding took place in the city of Yancheng, in eastern China's Jiangsu province. And while everything seemed to be going according to the couple’s plans, a video recorded by a guest shows the exact moment everything went downside on the ceremony.

In the clip, the gorgeous bride, donning a traditional red dress known as “qipao,” is seen walking on the center stage with her father-in-law in tow. The man, who was dressed in a dark blue buttoned up t-shirt and black pants, was stumbling was walking, visibly inebriated.

Source: Youtube/ Shangaiist.

Source: Youtube/ Shangaiist.


As they made their way down the stage, the man puts his hands on the bride’s shoulder, and she flinched at the movement but didn’t have time to reach before he was engulfing her and kissing her on the mouth forcefully.


The relatives and guests on both sides watched perplexed as the wedding’s MC can be heard letting out surprised noises in the background. While some people laughed and clapped at the man’s actions, others couldn’t contain the horror expressions on their faces as some women yelled angrily.

Is clear that the bride and her family were not happy about the incident, as a second clip shows some family members running down the stage to pursue the man and attack the abusive father-in-law, while others are fighting and screaming among each other. Even a setup arch with flowers fell at the end of the stage amid the disaster.

Source: Youtube/ Shangaiist.

Source: Youtube/ Shangaiist.

After the video became viral and both families became the laughing stock of their acquaintances. This cause both sides to come together and release a statement that said:


"We didn’t expect the incident to take such a negative turn. The two families are now in an awkward position, and the newly-weds have suffered because of it too."

And added:

"The father-in-law, who had too much to drink on his son's big day, deeply regrets his actions, and we ask social network users to stop sharing the videos and have our family resolve them in private. We do not wish to become famous, nor do we want to become the butt of every person’s joke. Had this happened in your family, would you be sharing it like this?”


Of course, by the time the families released their statement, the video had already become viral, and the news was spread across the globe, earning mixed reactions from onlookers, as some believe the father-in-law was joking and others state he crossed the line.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, in Long Island, a Las Vegas bottle waitress tried to sabotage the wedding of Trump executive Brianna Ehland and trust-funder Cory Perlson.

As reported, the couple set up the hashtag “#theperlsons” so that their guests could share pics of their lavish ceremony at the Oheka Castle. Hours before the wedding, an Instagram account with the handle “a summer affair,” was created by a woman named Mayra Angel.


She posted photos that allegedly proved she had a relationship with the groom just months before the wedding while using the hashtag and geotagging her posts with the wedding location. Perlson admitted knowing the woman but denied having a sexual relationship with her at any point, even though she claims to have Cory’s initial tattooed on her ribs.

Despite the scandal, the couple proceeded with the wedding and Perlson filed a restraining order against Angel. The photos were also removed from the account.


The woman told Page Six:

“I have not done anything illegal whatsoever. Nothing I have said has been false information, nor did I try to extort Cory at any point.”

Pelrson is the heir of Carnegie Linen Services, a laundry company set up by his father Gary Perlson, who has made a fortune working for hotels like the Waldorf Astoria.

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