Grandma randomly shows off her sassy dance moves in a parking lot

A grandmother delighted patrons at a waffle house in Douglasville with her eccentric dance moves in the parking lot. 

The footage was recorded by a group of people out for a meal. They spotted her through the window and began recording almost immediately. 

Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa. The hilarious footage soon went viral and can be seen below. 

One of the people in the diner was heard saying in the background: "What she got, I want it." The video accumulated more than 1,4 million views in 2 years. 

Source: YouTube/JukinVideo

Source: YouTube/JukinVideo

Another patron mentioned that the woman "wants to become a YouTube sensation," and she wasn't far off based on how well the video was received online. 

She can be seen wearing a turquoise sweater and it appears as though the senior woman had no idea that she was being recorded, or she simply didn't care. 

The famous saying goes: "Dance as if no one is watching," and this unnamed woman did exactly that. 

Netizens soon rushed to the comment section of an equally popular Facebook post to commend the woman for her excellent moves. 

Source: YouTube/JukinVideo

Source: YouTube/JukinVideo

Lindsay Millett-Glass said the video brought her "so much joy," while another said they love the woman even though they don't know her at all. 

Ashley Nicole remarked that it was the best thing she had seen all day, while Josh Daniel wanted to know what the woman was listening too. 

Another user said it was clear that the dancing woman was enjoying herself while Margi added: "I hope I have that much spunk at her age!"

Dancing is good for the soul and isn't only restricted to parties, nightclubs or even parking lots. A son recently caught his mother dancing to Flo Rida while cooking. 

He wrote in the caption: "Caught mom dancing to 'apple bottom jeans' while cooking tacos.

Read the full story here.  

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