Steve Harvey's guest went viral after singing her order at a drive-through

Cecily Hennigan recorded a video of her singing the "McDonald's drive-thru song" and it went viral quickly. She performed on Steve Harvey's show and got a few surprises for her talent and creativity. 

The 16-year-old got her chance at fame when Harvey invited her to perform on his show. But most viewers will better remember the quirky video she created with her friends at a McDonald's drive-through.

Hennigan explained to Harvey that she got the idea on her way to McDonald's from an open mic night with friends. When they got their food, Hennigan explained the plan.

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She told her friend to make sure she held the beat as she sang the into the mic. Her friends had never heard it but successfully made things work. 

In the YouTube video which is found below, Hennigan is heard belting out incredible vocals as she starts off singing, "I want a number six super-sized..." 

The song originated from Todrick Hall, a singer, and YouTuber who wrote and sang the song first years ago. 

Steve then directed Hennigan to perform on his stage. Hennigan once again showed off her remarkable singing skills as she sang a slow soulful piece. 

Afterward, Steve confirmed that she had never attended a concert, and shocked Hennigan with an invitation to see her favorite artist Celine Dion perform at the Coliseum at Cesar's Palace in Las Vegas. 

Hennigan was in tears when Steve told her she would also be receiving a donation of $25,000 from McDonald's which would go towards her education and career.

Last month, Harvey was brought to tears on his own show when he remembered his mother 20 years after her death. Harvey tried to relay deep lessons she taught him but was forced to stop.

When he mentioned the importance of appearance and respectability, Harvey broke down. His daily routine consists of practicing her lessons, but speaking about it was too much to handle.  

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