Dog is looking for love despite grapefruit-sized brain tumor

Rodolfo Vieira
Sep 10, 2018
09:53 A.M.

A little dog named Pinto has surprised the internet due to his odd appearance but his story is actually very sad and he needs help to find his forever home.


Pinto has been living quite a rough life and, until recently, he was stuck at a kill shelter in Orlando, Florida, where he was supposed to be euthanized if he wasn't adopted within a certain amount of time.

According to People, due to Pinto's age and a grapefruit-sized mound on his head, no one wanted to adopt him, but fans of the canine managed to get him some help.

At the last minute, Pinto was saved by the Mr. Mo Project, a no-kill senior dog rescue group from New York, and relocated to a local veterinarian in Orland0. Follow us on our Twitter account @amomama_usa to learn more.



The veterinarian took a look at the Pinto's head but recommended a specialist to handle the case. So, Chris, one of the co-founders of the group, traveled to Orlando and took Pinto on a 20-hour drive back to New York.

After several tests, including MRIs, CT scans and ultrasounds, it was revealed that the mound in Pinto's head was filled with fluid and had masses floating around inside.



The mass on the dog's head was diagnosed as Spindle Cell Sarcoma, a connective tissue cancer. Plus, to make matters worse, doctors found a brain tumor located on the ocular nerve.

However, despite all his health problems, Pinto's personality hasn't been affected and one wouldn't have guessed that he was terribly ill, which is why The Mr. Mo Project wants to prolong his life for as long as possible.



Pinto will need CyberKnife Radiation treatment for his brain tumor, as well as another surgery and a different form of radiation for the Spindle Cell Sarcoma.


Chris explained that the rescue group is willing to cover all the medical expenses, which can amount to $23,000. For now, Pinto has found a foster family willing to care for him until someone shows interest in adopting him.

It is very important to help animals in need but, sometimes, things take a turn for the worst, just like it happened to Robert Wilson, who was shot and killed after stepping in to protect a dog from his abusive owner.

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