Cockatoo hilariously reacts to his owner's 'disappearance'

Angel the cockatoo’s hilarious reaction to the “#WhatTheFluffChallenge” earned the bird thousands of fans, and he’s now over 10k people following his adventures on Facebook.

The viral challenge first started with more traditional pets like dogs and cats, but soon, other animals followed. Pet owners and their viewers had a lot of fun tricking the innocent pets into believing their humans have vanished or disappeared.

The trick was to hide behind a blanket, lifting it up and running away before it fells down in front of the pet. While the method might seem and look simple to a human, the innocent pets always end up baffled, confused, sometimes scared, and in some particular cases, unbothered.

Angel, a 3-year-old male cockatoo, became a viral sensation after his owner, Georgiana Iacomi, decided to put the bird through the test with some of his friends.

This viral challenge was started with dogs, but other pets also joined. This exotic bird had one of the funniest reactions to his owner’s disappearing trick. She got behind the camera while one of her male friends did the blanket trick in front of Angel.


The cockatoo’s reaction is one of the funniest to have come out of the challenge. First, he stays put, waiting for his friend to appear, and then he freaks out, squawking and jumping around nervously flapping his wings.

After the owner had enough laughter, she calls her friend back, and the bird looks relieved to see him. However, when the bird was put to the test a second time with a different friend, he either knew he was being tricked or didn’t care at all about the person.

Unlike the first time, Angel started to make happy sounds and jump in excitement once the young man disappeared. His owner asked the bird in disbelief “are you happy Cata’s gone?”

“Aww, he's really upset! That's the alarm call for when survival is at stake. Pretty sure he thought his family has been eaten or something lol. Super funny at first, but now I just feel bad he had to go through that!” wrote Facebook user Christy Campbell, to which Angel’s owner answered:

Angel is a sweet cockatoo, and now that he has his own Facebook page, his owner is always sharing cute videos of the bird.


Having a cockatoo as a pet requires a lot of effort from humans. Not only are these birds highly smart, but also needy. They need a lot of affection and attention and can become cranky if they don’t have it.

According to Eden, cockatoos can also be manipulative and have rapid mood changes. For example, Maxwell, or Max, is a famous YouTube star. His dad, Dan, continually uploads videos of the hilarious bird and fans love him.

One of their most famous clips was recorded on a day when Max had a visit to the veterinary. However, once he saw the carrier, and put two and two together, the bird started to throw a tantrum, hiding from Dan and letting out a series of gibberish he’s picked up over the years.

While most fans found the situation hilarious, others joked saying that Max doesn’t need a vet but an exorcist, as the deep voice he used when mad and the mix of words he used sounded to many people as some ritual.

Like most pets, Max was just mad about going to the vet though. Being handled by a stranger and put into a stressful situation and sometimes pain is not something anyone can look forward to, but Dan sure knows how to handle his “big baby bird.”

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