Emotional video of 'angel' nurse singing to dying patient

A Vanderbilt University nurse was spotted comforting a dying patient by offering him a song in her soulful voice.

63-year-old Margaret Smith was dying after finally losing her battle with cancer and was being dismissed from the hospital when nurse Olivia Neufelder decided to sing her “Dancing In The Sky” by Dani and Lizzy.

The beautiful and inspirational moment was captured on video by a friend of Smith, Crystal Hamilton Roberts, with her cell phone camera.

She was earlier being readied for a liver transplant but the doctors later suggested against it because of her failing health condition.

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She first entered the medical center in October 2017 due to a rapid deterioration of her health as a result of liver cancer which she was suffering for about a year.

Smith’s friend, Roberts, later took to Facebook to share the beautiful video which showed Neufelder singing the beautiful song to the patient who was being moved back to a Cookeville nursing home because of the delicate state of her health.

She posted the video long with a caption that expressed the gratitude she felt toward Neufelder. She deemed Neufelder the “sweetest nurse in history” in the comments section.

She explained in her post that when Smith asked her to sing the song, she immediately did it and did not give any excuses regarding time. ‘The definition of a nurse for our family will be Olivia,” the text concluded.

When Neufelder sang for Smith, she did not seem like a patient. Neufelder wanted her to know that she was loved and was a part of the family, even though her actual family could not be there.

Source: YouTube/TODAY

Source: YouTube/TODAY

Following the upload, Smith passed away on Wednesday on August 28, 2018. However, the video of Neufelder singing for her has become one of the greatest tribute for the departed soul.

Giving someone your support and care in the most disheartening time of their life is truly a noble deed. Time and again, people show such angelic care for another human being and prove that they simply deserve a place in heaven.

In another similar story, a teenager proved to be such an angel after she stood beside her boyfriend’s hospital bed in his hour of great suffering.

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