Chris Brown's baby mama claims daughter Royalty stole $300 'because she wanted her own room'

Nia Guzman, the mother of Chris Brown's four-year-old daughter, Royalty, has just revealed the little girl stole money in order to help her out with their financial situation. The information emerged in the midst of Guzman's legal battle with the singer regarding child support. 

In the midst of her battle with Chris Brown over child support payments for their daughter Royalty, Nia Guzman has revealed the 4-year-old allegedly stole money in order to help her mom. 

Guzman is currently battling with Brown over her child support payments. The singer is supposed to be currently paying her $2,500 monthly in addition to the $4,000 a month he gives her for her nanny which she claims is not enough. She also claims he owes her $250,000 in back child support. 

According to a report by The Blast, during a questioning as part of her ongoing case with Brown, Guzman revealed Royalty is taking matters into her hands to help alleviate their situation. She said the young girl took $300 from her grandmother’s purse without permission and handed it to her when she got home. 

“She told me she took the money so she could buy me a house because she wanted her own room,” Guzman recounted. 

Guzman lives in a 2-bedroom apartment in Woodland Hills and shares a bed with Royalty. She thinks her daughter is “unhappy with the housing arrangement” and blames her father who lives in a big mansion in Tarzana for not paying enough child support. 

Meanwhile, Brown’s lawyers accused Guzman of telling her daughter that “her father does not pay child support.” She herself admitted that she discussed her money issues with the child when she asked why they weren’t living in a home. Guzman also said she isn’t planning on shielding her daughter from the truth. 

“If she asks me, when she brings it up, I will tell her the truth.”

Guzman also revealed Brown made sure Royalty never brought the fancy clothes he provides for her to her home with her mother. She says he asks her to change out of them before leaving his home. 

Just a few days ago, news headlines confirmed Guzman received a hefty donation from Floyd Mayweather. The boxing champion reportedly gifted her $20,000 in order to start the clothing business she now runs. The information was revealed during a hearing when Brown’s lawyers were questioning Guzman’s motives for asking for an increase in child support. Brown’s baby mama was at first hesitant to reveal who her benefactor was but later identified the boxer. Guzman said Mayweather’s donation was a friendly gesture though many suspect it had something to do with his previous issues with Brown. The two encountered problems when Brown backed out of a celebrity boxing match Mayweather was promoting after he discovered the heavyweight champion was publicly backing his opponent, Soulja Boy.

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