Dog leads cyclist on impressive chase through the streets of New York

A dog led rescuers on a merry chase through the streets of Manhattan

Any dog owner's worse nightmare is having your beloved pet slip the leash on a crowded city street and run off in the middle of traffic.

A man who was participating on NYC Adventure eBike Tours with his wife, saw a dog escaping from its owner's arms on the East Side around the Kips Bay/Stuy Town area.

He uploaded a video on Youtube that showed the whole adventure. The man was using a go-pro camera and recorded the whole wild chase down the streets of Manhattan as the pup haplessly ran into traffic.

Source: Youtube screenshot

Source: Youtube screenshot

"After I rescued the dog and returned him back to his owner, we were excepting a big gigantic thank you, but that never happened."

Good Samaritan,  NewYork CBS, 12th of August 2018.

A reckless runaway leads cyclist on a merry chase

The video shows the man riding at top speed after the running dog, shouting out warnings to motorists and pedestrians asking them to help him to capture the canine runaway.

With a witty touch, he set the video of the Great Escape to the sound of the theme music for "Mission Impossible."

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Source: Youtube screenshot

Source: Youtube screenshot

Even on a bike, the rescuer had trouble keeping up

He later explained that his first reaction was to try and rescue the dog after seeing that the owner wasn't managing to keep up with the speedy animal.

"If you notice at the beginning of the video there is a guy in a black tank top chasing the dog," he explained.

Source: Youtube screenshot

Source: Youtube screenshot

The dog ran onto the freeway, endangering its life

The man chased the dog and watched in horror as he narrowly avoided getting hit by cars, and head out to the freeway.

He manages to "capture" the runaway and took him back to his owner.

Source: Youtube screenshot

Source: Youtube screenshot

Millions of pets killed on the roads every year

The Good Samaritan confessed that he had expected the owner to be more effusively, but the other man took the dog, threw him a casual "Thanks!" and walked away.

Approximately 1.2 million dogs are killed on the roads in the United States each year, most of them run over by cars on busy roads. 

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