91-year-old granny does the 'Baby Shark Challenge' with her own little twist

A very unique grandmother from Sunderland has taken the internet by surprise after she was filmed doing a very uncharacteristic version of the 'Baby Shark Challenge.'

Much like the 'In My Feelings Challenge,' also known as 'Kiki Challenge,' a person must do a dance to the song "Baby Shark" while their car is moving beside them.

Iris, the grandma in the video, has become an internet sensation ever since she participated in the challenge and the video can easily be found on Youtube.

"Baby Shark" is a children's song about a family of sharks and it appeared in a 2007 book on American band camps, although it is rumored that the song dates back to the 1900s. Follow us on our Twitter account @amomama_usa to learn more.


Although people are supposed to dance to the song, Nana Iris, as she is commonly known as, has put her own twist into it and it is not advisable for children to watch her performance.

In the video, the 91-year-old can be seen standing outside of the car wearing her trademark blue cardigan and a headband that can be considered to be quite distasteful.

It all starts very well, with the sweet grandmother moving slowly down the sidewalk as she imitates a shark's jaws opening and closing with her hands and arms.


She appears to be enjoying it but, as promised, she added a little twist to the tale by flicking the  'V' sign to Paul, her grandson, who was holding the camera, and saying some very nasty words.

This wasn't the first time that Nana Iris has tried her luck at an online challenge, though; In August, she attempted the Dele Alli's Fortnite hand challenge, popularized by the Tottenham Hotspurs' midfielder.

Seems like even the elderly are getting in on the fun with these challenges and have fun doing so. A 93-year-old grandfather from Salem, Oregon, has also been filmed doing the 'Kiki Challenge' and the world just fell in love with his energy.

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