Massive lion climbs into open safari vehicle filled with unsuspecting tourists (video)

Edduin Carvajal
Sep 11, 2018
05:50 P.M.

A big lion of a safari adventure park in Crimea, Russia, jumped into an open vehicle filled with tourists in the most peaceful way. The video went viral in no time.


The clip showed the lion resting by a wall covering himself from the sun while an open car filled with tourists drove a couple of feet away from him.

As soon as the driver, who worked in the safari, parked the vehicle, the curious lion named Filya got up and approached the driver.

He placed his hand in front of Filya as if he wanted to pet him, but the animal got on the driver’s seat and, after struggling for a while, he managed to lay on the entire front seat of the vehicle.

Source: YouTube/RT

Source: YouTube/RT



Even though the animal that the tourists were facing was one of the strongest predators in the world, they didn’t seem to be scared as some of them even pet him. The friendly Filya was pushed off the car by the driver, who had to clear the seat after trying to leave.


However, that simple action gave the lion time to get into the area of the vehicle where the tourists were. Even at that point, people weren’t scared at all as they just filmed such a unique behavior with their cameras.

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At some point, Filya licked one of the passengers. The driver pushed the animal off the car again and started driving quickly this time so the lion wouldn’t hop into the safari vehicle again.

They slowly left the area, and the powerful animal did nothing but keep an eye on them while they were driving away. While those tourists might have thought that it was a fun thing to do, it was very dangerous, too, as lions are not pets, and they are biologically designed to eat meat.



Several divers in Puerto Madryn, Argentina, captured the moment when a sea lion approached them. Given the fact that they tend to be docile in their natural habitat, they didn’t get scared.

Thankfully for them, all that the friendly animal did was hugging and even kissing them. Other sea lions joined “the party,” and they kept playing up until the clip ended.

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