Parrot with identity crisis thinks he's a banana

A Facebook video showed an adorable yellow parrot claiming to be a banana. Since the two are the same colour, it's not too far-fetched. 

The Indian Ringneck parakeet named Haley was filmed in Singapore on September 4 2018. 

We're not sure if he was taught the phrase or learned it otherwise, but the results are precious. 

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In the clip, Haley is heard saying "Tweet, tweet, tweet," as if he has to spell out the fact that he's a bird. 

Then he says, "I'm a banana," a total contradiction of his previous expression. 

After more tweeting, the bird says, "Hi Haley, Hi Raphael" repeatedly. 

He then closes the video by saying, "Hi handsome boy."

Haley is not the first creature to go through this kind of identity crisis. Other animals around the world have also experienced confusion about who they are. 

Take this dog who thinks he's a sheep. Or maybe he just likes the black and white look. 

The cat in the video below definitely thinks it's a dog, however. With its open panting mouth and eagerness to play fetch, we're not sure what's going on. 

This other cat certainly feels like it's part of the pack: 

And of course, there's this sheep that, like all of us have in the past, wants to be a better version of ourselves. He looks like he's got it covered.

This horse wants to be a unicorn. It looks like he's got the essentials needed down for his new identity.

In a video uploaded to Facebook in August, one parrot lost all control when it appeared to go wild with a red plastic cup. 

Angus continuously made chirping sounds as he went back and forth with the cup. Many thought it was adorable. 

Others were concerned the bird was too bored and needed a friend. The Rainbow Lorikeet's owner reassured viewers however that he has friends and is just playing around.

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