Someone stole little kitten's ears but kind-hearted volunteer made her new ones

A black and white kitten named Karma was brought to the Humane Society Silicon Valley in California. Just by looking at her, one could see that the animal had been through a lot.

The little kitten’s ears and tail had been cruelly cut off. However, things were finally taking a turn for the best for the feline as she found a foster home.

The spokesperson for the shelter Michelle Tennant Nicholson said, "Karma arrived at the shelter with her ears and tail cut off."

She revealed that the kitten’s wounds had mostly healed; however, the feline was very frightened of almost everything. Karma was mostly afraid of humans.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. It’s not known who was responsible for the kitten’s injuries.

However, Karma was now safe. The kitten was assisted in dealing with her traumatic past and was placed with a foster family.

She was showered with love and care and taught to trust again.

"With time and lots of love and care, her personality began to blossom," Nicholson said. "She quickly showed a love for toys, and her foster mom used toys and play to start to create a bond with her."

The staff and volunteers fell in love with Karma so much that a volunteer named Carla knitted a pink and white hat with ears for the feline. The hat can be tied around the cat’s jaw keeping it in place.

It gives the illusion that Karma actually has ears of her own underneath. Within a matter of time, the kitten found herself a loving permanent home.

"After a few weeks in foster, she was ready to find her forever home," Nicholson shared. "Within just a day of arriving on our adoption floor, she found her new home!"

The Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) is responsible ( connecting people and pets in the Silicon Valley community for over 85 years. They opened a 48,000 square-foot state of the art Animal Community Center in 2009.

The facility provides quality adoptions, a shelter medicine program, volunteers, and educational programs. They also give “progressive behavior and training programs to supply ongoing support to adopters.”

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