Gaines family has grown with 3 new members: a puppy, a kitten and an unusual little black goat

Cheryl Kahla
Apr 06, 2018
12:22 P.M.
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The Gaines family expanded and no, not by the arrival of their fifth baby. Chip and Joanna surprised their four children with three pets.


Days before the final episode of their show, Fixer Upper, aired on HGTV on April 3, 2018, Chip took a puppy and kitten home for their ever-growing family. 

As reported by Closer Weekly, he also brought home a little black baby goat just days later. Joanna shared a photo of the goat with her 7.1 million Instagram followers. 

In the caption, she explained that 'Chip woke the kids up' with the surprise goat, and described it as the 'cutest wake-up call ever.' 


'Chip continues to increase our pet population. He recently surprised us all with a new kitten AND a new puppy. Oh, sweet Chip.'

Joanna Gaines, Magnolia, April 3, 2018. 

According to Joanna, the puppy, and English Mastiff was named Brindley by one of their sons, either Drake of Duke. She hasn't shared a photo of the kitten yet. 

The kitten, puppy, and goat join that vast population of farm animals already living on their property, including other goats and chickens. 

In the same post, Joanna also talked about her pregnancy. It's been more than seven years since the gave birth to their youngest child, daughter Emmie Kay. 


Joanna said that, due to the gap in years between the pregnancies, it feels like her first time again. She added that she is currently in her favorite part because she gets to do two of her favorite things: eat and take naps. 

She is also amazed at the interest her children have taken in the pregnancy. All four their children were too young to remember her ever being pregnant with their siblings. 

They are definitely enjoying the journey, and can't wait for the arrival of their baby brother. According to a People poll, the most popular name among fans are 'Deacon.'