Popular rescue cat Bruno with his 'thicc' paws and 'boss' posture has already found a home

The cat has become an internet sensation for his chubby body, and now the shelter has shared the news that he has finally been adopted. 

Bruno the 7-year-old cat was surrendered to Wright-Way Rescue in Morton Grove, Illinois, in April of this year, and the shelter has been trying to find him a fur-ever home to go to. 

The cat weighs 25 lbs, and became in internet sensation when photos of him sitting back on his hind legs were posted online by Wright-Way Rescue. 

“Bruno was surrendered to Wright-Way from his previous owner in Southern Illinois. They had him since he was a kitten, but sadly he didn’t mesh very well with the kids in the home. It was a very hard decision for them since he is such a special cat,” Jacoby Andrick, Director of Marketing and Communications for Wright-Way Rescue said

The photos made Bruno a delightfully popular cat, not only in the US, but also in Canada and Australia. But while many people expressed interest in the sweet tomcat, no one could provide a good home for him. 

“Bruno is a goofy feline that keeps everyone laughing,” says Andrick. 

“I like when you scratch the sides of my face and neck. I like to be pet on the top of my head and spine only. I know my tummy is so tempting to touch, but I would prefer if you didn’t. I may swat my hand and pretend to bite if you do,” said the cat in a Facebook post. “I like to talk to you….a LOT. Be prepared for a chatty kitty! I have a couple quirky traits too….For one, I like to stand on my hind legs! This usually happens when I want food. No, my foster parents did not teach me this. They are not sure how I learned. Second, I love to be pet while I eat.”

According to the shelter, Bruno is also a resourceful scavenger, sneaking into other cats' cages and eating their food when no one is looking.

Fortunately, this adorably chubby feline has finally found a home where his diet will be monitored and he will receive all the love he truly deserves. 

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