Toddler goes underwater for two minutes when his swimming ring flips over

A young boy in Zhangjiakou, China, was at a kindergarten learning how to swim, but his float flipped over, leaving him out of breath for almost two minutes.

The shocking clip showed the boy next to several other young children in a small pool filled with plastic balls. All of them had rubber ring floats to help them during their swimming lessons.

At some point, the energetic boy was in the middle of the pool moving back and forth, when he suddenly laid back. Unfortunately, his weight made that the float flipped over, covering his face and pushing it into the water.

One of the teachers was a couple of steps away from him, but since she was taking care of another child, she didn’t notice it.


Apart from the children, who probably didn’t understand that the boy was drowning, and the busy teacher, there was no other member of the staff to help or notice the situation.

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Even though the young boy tried his best to save himself and that all his movements might have been enough to attract someone’s attention, he went out of breath about 70 seconds after his float flipped, so he was just floating motionless.


Almost two minutes later, a person got into the area and noticed that the boy wasn’t breathing, so he told the teacher to do something, and she took him out of the pool. His face was purple, and he wasn’t breathing. The boy was taken to a hospital and, thankfully, doctors managed to bring him back to life.


A different toddler in Zhaoyuan, China, was also having a good time in a pool when his float flipped him under the water, slowly drowning him.

The little boy was portrayed fighting for his life, but he just couldn’t get back to a safe position himself. Almost one minute later, an employee saw and pulled him out of the pool. The boy, fortunately, survived the near-tragic incident.

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