If you ever see a coin resting on a gravestone, don't touch it

When we see free money or coin just lying somewhere, our first instinct would firstly be to pick it up. While it may not be much damaging to grab a coin found casually lying around on the pavements, picking one up from a gravestone may not be such a bright idea.

According to a Facebook post from Dave Malenfant on September 26, 2015, such coins left at gravestone have deep meanings that would be lost should anyone pick up the coin and run away with it.

Malenfant explained in the post that a coin left on the gravestone is a sign of respect and bond. It is often left by the deceased soldier’s friends to let the family members know that someone stopped by to pay their respect.

A penny left usually implies that someone visited the gravestone to pay respect. Similarly, leaving behind a nickel symbolized that someone who trained with the deceased soldier together at boot camp stopped by for a visit.

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In another scenario, when there is a dime left behind on the gravestone of a soldier, it symbolizes that someone who served with the deceased one was there.

Finally, the most important coin left behind is the quarter. When someone leaves behind a quarter, it symbolizes that they were there when the soldier died.

Therefore, such coins left on the gravestone of the deceased soldiers are highly meaningful. If one is to simply pick up the coin and run away with it, the family members would never know if anyone ever visited the gravestone.

Such coins console the family members by showing just how much love the person they have lost had spread in the world. It is also a way of letting them know what that deceased person had died for.

The Facebook post from Malenfant with such an important lesson was shared more than 151,000 times making it go viral on social media.

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