Aaron Lewis' gorgeous daughter sings with famous dad in amazing duet

Aaron Lewis and his beautiful daughter, Zoe, presented a beautiful rendition of his famous song to woo the live audience.

A video uploaded to YouTube showed the dynamic duo take the stage and showcase their magical harmony as they presented Lewis’s famous song, “Travellin’ Soldier.”

Recorded by a fan amid the audience members, the video shows the famous artist playing the guitar while her daughter sings the popular song.

Soon enough, Lewis joins his daughter on the microphone adding his raspy voice to her melodious vocal making it a perfect duet for the audience.

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Throughout the performance, the audience is seen cheering and applauding the duo, many times screaming over their vocals making it difficult to hear.

In between the performance, Lewis points to his daughter and lets her take over the difficult portion of the chorus. Then after a while, he joins her again adding the harmonic and backing up his daughter’s vocals.

Clearly, the duo enjoys performing together and they truly feel comfortable sharing the stage for such a magical performance.

The adorable rendition from this father-daughter duo has been viewed over 30,000 times and it has been liked more than 76 times.

Meanwhile, K99 reported that Lewis’ album recently hit number one on the charts. Released this September 16 on Dot Records, it has been gaining widespread popularity with the album’s first single, “That Ain’t Country.”

While talking to K99 in an exclusive interview, Lewis also opened up about his special duet with his 13-year-old daughter, Zoe, and explained why his daughter was never going to the music industry.

He explained during the brief talk that Zoe sees the other side of the music industry – the side that kept her father busy while she was growing up and a side that caused him to miss out on her first day of school and other important events of her life.

Musical stars often enjoy delighting their fans with unexpected covers and new renditions of their old classics during live performances.

Back in July, country star Travis Hatfield surprised his audience in a different way when he posted a video of his adorable duet with his uncle with Down Syndrome, Jamie Joe Cline.

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