Mother elephant seen sweetly checking on her sleeping baby

Rodolfo Vieira
Sep 17, 2018
12:47 P.M.
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An elephant mother was caught on camera checking on her adorable baby as he was peacefully sleeping.


Elephants are known for being very affectionate animals, particularly when it comes to their own kind, but these sweet moments always amaze us.

The footage was captured by Leslie A. Temanson, who took to his Facebook account to share the images with his friends and the rest of the world.

Thomason used to work as a Program Director at Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia and was amazed by the lovely gesture of the elephant. Follow us on our Twitter account @amomama_usa to learn more.



In the video, the mother can be seen approaching the baby elephant and using her trunk to gracefully check if he is doing well as he peacefully sleeps near a puddle.


Elephants have been studied almost to exhaustion but there is still plenty of information about them that we are yet to discover. What it is known, though, is that they are capable of developing deep family ties.



They tend to live in closed groups of related females and these groups are called herds. While the females tend to stick together, the males often leave the herd between the ages of 12 and 15.


Males mostly lead very lonely lives but they can also join other males that they find in the wild. As for the herd, it is commonly led by the largest and oldest female, known as the matriarch.



Being the loving animals that they are, elephants share strong feelings about each other. Recently, a video about an elephant giving birth to her calf has hit the internet and the reaction of the herd has melted the hearts of those who watched it.

As soon as the little elephant is born, the herd immediately surrounds it, as if welcoming it to the world and as the new member of the group. It was definitely a very sweet and surprising moment.

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