Carrie Underwood wows the crowd by singing 'Love Wins' in Central Park

Carrie Underwood had her television debut for her new song, “Love Wins,” as she performed in Central Park for “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Underwood performed the popular song, which is included in her new album, “Cry Pretty,” following a quick interview with Fallon. 

She also played a round of “Name That Song” together with Fallon’s other guest stars.

The singer performed in front of thousands of people on an outdoor stage in Central Park, instead of the usual set up in Fallon’s studio.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

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The crowd raised pink glow sticks while swaying their hands from side to side as Underwood belted out her new song.

“Love Wins” is the second single from her most recent album. For the first time in television, she performed it live as a treat to avid watchers of Fallon’s show.

“Cry Pretty” is the sixth album publicly released by Underwood. It is the first album she put out after signing with Capitol Nashville.

In May 2019, she is scheduled to tour the world with Maddie & Tae and Runaway June as her supporting acts.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

At some point during her guest appearance, Underwood had the chance to be teamed up with Henry Golding, who is the leading man of the hit-film, “Crazy Rich Asians,” as they went up against Blake Lively and Fallon for a game of “Name That Song.”

The talented members of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra played the song, and the stars had to guess the title.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Unfortunately, Underwood and Golding did not win the game, but they seemed to have tons of fun competing with Fallon and Lively.

Before her singing performance, Underwood sat with Fallon in an interview where she opened up about her pregnancy and her eldest son, three-year-old Isaiah.

She shares Isaiah with her husband, Mike Fisher.

The singer talked about how she had been judging her three-year-old son if he inherited her talent in singing.

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