Dog jumps through the field like a kangaroo (video)

Two dogs were recorded jumping merrily through a field of tall grass and their moment of joy is sure to make anyone’s heart leap in delight.

Megan the Lurcher is on a casual day out with her best friend, Molly, the Jack Russell, on a warm and sunny day on the field. The two dogs are so overjoyed to be out in the sunny afternoon that they can’t help but jump through the grasses.

At the beginning of the video, it is Molly who tests the field first by biting on the tall grass. Then they hear a whistle from someone off camera and they hit straight for the grasses in the field.

They run through the field and, at first, all one can see is the shuffling grasses and the occasional bobbing of two tails. But soon enough, the Lurcher is seen hopping up in the air like a kangaroo in the field of tall grass.

Source: YouTube/Rumble Viral

Source: YouTube/Rumble Viral

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Megan pops out and then goes back inside the tall grasses accompanied by her friend, Molly, as the two dogs enjoy their time amid a sea of crop grass.

Source: YouTube/Rumble Viral

Source: YouTube/Rumble Viral

At a point in the video, Megan is even seen pausing and looking around to find her friend, who is much shorter and disappears easily inside the grass. Once she spots her friend, she is back at her crazy antics, jumping up and down the grass.

The hilarious video of the two dogs has been viewed more than 84,000 times and has gained over 300 likes making it go viral on the internet.

Source: YouTube/Rumble Viral

Source: YouTube/Rumble Viral

Meanwhile, Share Tap informed that Megan’s breed, Lurcher, is an offspring of a Sighthound mated with another breed, which is usually a terrier type of dog.

This breed of dogs is generally used for hunting purposes, pest control, or even hare coursing. Their quickness and athleticism also make them good participants in dog racing.

These innocent pets around our homes are a true joy for any family. From time to time they pull off certain unexpected antics and behavior that leaves us perplexed and wondering.

An adorable Shiba Inu dog similarly dazzled the internet world by giving an amazing reaction when its owner commanded to bark softly.

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