Siblings break down in tears when parents surprise them with newly adopted baby sister

A couple from Texas surprised their two daughters with their newborn adopted sister, but they weren’t expecting their emotional reactions. The touching moment was recorded on camera and quickly became a viral sensation on social media.

Kasi and Shane Pruitt have always been keen about adoption. The couple had two adopted sons and two biological daughters and were getting ready to embrace their fifth child. However, they never thought the process was going to be so quick. They didn’t have a chance to speak to their kids about the adoption, so they decided to surprise them instead.

According to Shane, who’s the Director of Missions at Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, received a call from their adoption lawyer telling them there was a 3-week-old baby ready to have a new family. The next day, they met with the biological mother and their lawyer, and by afternoon, they were walking with the baby girl into their home.

The video of the moment posted to their Facebook, and that became viral, shows how Kasi enters her kitchen holding the newborn baby girl and feeding her with a bottle while her two eldest daughters, Raygen and Harper, were playing around.

Harper was the first one to notice the baby, suddenly exclaiming “Are you kidding me?!” while Raygen asked first “who’s this?” after her father said “she’s your new sister,” the 11-year-old started crying while hugging her mom and looking fondly to the baby.

“They didn’t know we went to go pick her up," Pruitt said to Inside Edition. "They didn’t know anything about her."

Soon after, Harper joined in the crying, while Raygen asked to hold the baby, telling how cute she was. Pruitt said that the girls’ reactions were very fitting with their personalities, but they were still overwhelmed by their happy tears.

“It just blessed our heart and made us feel blessed as parents, to not only see our family grow, but it also blessed us to see our older children respond in that way,” Pruitt said. “To see their love, you know we are not perfect as parents, but at that moment, it felt like we were doing something right.”

Kasi and Shane have become an exemplary family in their locality, and their beautiful family portraits always get a lot of lot of love and attention from their followers, family, and friends.


Another recent viral video shows a little girl discovering she was going to be adopted after being in foster care for three years. The video, shared by Paige Zezulka on her Facebook page, shows the little breaking down in tears after opening a birthday gift with a framed letter that read “I’m going to be adopted.”

“Adoption is amazing, and we want others to know that adopting older children and sibling groups can be the most beautiful adventure you could ever have!” Zezulka wrote in her post.

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