Woman risks her life to save mother's after stranger pushed her in front of a moving train

28-year-old Katie Wenszell saw no other option when the man pushed her mom in front of a moving train, causing her to pass out moments before the train arrived.

Susan and her daughter Katie, residents of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, went on a weekend sightseeing trip to Atlanta, Georgia last month. Their mode of transportation was the subway.

Katie was among four siblings in addition to her mother for what was described as a girls' weekend by WSBTV. But just the two of them were at the Midtown Station subway at 4:30 p.m on Sunday.

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According to Inside Edition, Susan's husband Jerry spoke to Channel 2 where he stated that "Had Katie not jumped onto the tracks, Sue would not be here." 

The attacker, later identified as 28-year-old Christopher Patrick Brooklin, pushed Susan onto the tracks below as the mother and daughter waited. Susan, 58, instantly fell unconscious when she hit the ground.

When the eighth-grade teacher saw what happened, she immediately jumped down and repositioned her mother's body to lay within the main outer tracks. 

In that way, the train would pass above her mother and herself. But Katie received the brunt of the damage as the train passed over them. 

Her mother incurred minor injuries. She was left with a concussion, a fractured elbow, and a hairline fracture. 

Meanwhile, parts of Katie's right foot were amputated and in addition to her brain injury, she received three plates in her head. She has to undergo facial reconstruction surgery. 

Katie also suffered severe cuts on her left shoulder as well as on her neck due to her necklace. 

Jerry calls his daughter's survival "a miracle" and refers to her as a "hero." Katie said she "did what any other daughter would have done for a mother that they absolutely love."

MARTA police said the arrested man has "some diminished mental capacity." 

Jerry said of the culprit: 

"The only thing I want is to have him off the streets so that somebody else doesn't end up becoming a victim."

Back in October 2017, one man attempted to do the same thing to his girlfriend ahead of an oncoming train in Adelaide, Australia. The shocking video was uploaded.

19-year-old Lucas Gary Narkle pulled his girlfriend who was only 14 years old towards the train tracks of the Elizabeth South station.

The young girl struggled and was successful in freeing herself from the man's grip. They both fell to the ground.

Narkle was later convicted of endangering the life of a child and spent three months in prison until he was granted bail in February 2018.

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