Alan Jackson delivers fans an emotional performance of 'Remember When' at the opry

Alan Jackson performed one of the most emotional songs back in 2015 while singing before a packed audience at the Grand Ole Opry.

Jackson set the stage on fire with his soulful voice and that ability to convey great emotions through his music and song. This time, however, the artist himself seemed to be having tear-filled eyes as he sang the beautiful song.

The brief video clip uploaded to Facebook by Grand Ole Opry’s official account shows Jackson singing the first few lines of his captivating song, “Remember When.”

Reminiscing about the things in the past, the song touches the heart of anyone listening with its flavor of nostalgia and good old country vibe.

Source: YouTube/Grand Ole Opry

Source: YouTube/Grand Ole Opry

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The video was posted about 2 years ago to celebrate Jackson’s 25th Opry anniversary with his latest performance on the big stage. The Facebook page captioned the video by writing, ‘We couldn’t wait any longer to share this new Opry performance…”

The emotional and captivating video has so far gathered more than 355,000 views. It has also been shared over 10,000 times making it go viral on social media. There are more than 7,500 reactions and over 400 comments on the video.

Meanwhile, Classic Country Music informed that the emotional song was the second single from Jackson’s 2002 hit album, “Greatest Hits Volume II.”

The song was at the number one spot on the Billboard country chart for about two weeks after its release. It was written entirely by Jackson himself.

The song has a special place in Jackson’s heart as it reflects back on his life with his wife, Denise. It reminisces the beginning of their relationship and sings about their future together after their kids would have grown and moved away.

Recently, the iconic musician suffered a tragic blow following the news of his son-in-law’s tragic death in an accident.

Country Living reported that the young lawyer was helping a woman get onto a boat when he slipped and fell. He later passed away due to severe traumatic head injuries.

Considering how close Jackson is with all his daughters, the sad news must have come as one of the biggest heartbreaks of his life.

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