September 20, 2018

Kobe Bryant and his wife of 17 years look so in love in video from their date night

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Kobe Bryant may be a basketball champion, but at home, it’s his wife, Vanessa Bryant who scores all the points. Kobe recently admitted this on a date night with his wife of 17 years.

The footage posted by The Shade Room showed Kobe and Vanessa in a dimly lit concert hall. The NBA star draped an arm around his wife as she captured their public display of affection on camera.


The couple beamed with joy and danced to a Lauryn Hill song playing in the background. At different times, the duo pressed kisses on each other’s forehead. They looked more like teenagers newly in love than parents of three beautiful kids.

A subsequent picture showed Kobe and Vanessa backstage with acclaimed singer Lauryn Hill. All three posed for a photo accompanied by Kobe’s heartwarming caption:

“@vanessabryant surprised me with a date night to see my sister Lauryn Hill at The Hollywood Bowl. Loved catching up with her. My wife is winning the battle of best date night ideas.. FOR NOW #misseducationoflaurynhill #datenight”




Since retiring from basketball in 2016, Kobe has been spending more time with his family. Fans of the former LA Lakers have fueled comeback speculations many times, but it looks like the 40-year-old has made up his mind.

In July, a TMZ video showed basketball legend, Shaquille O’Neal, saying “Kobe’s coming back. You heard it here first.” The footage sent rumors of a Kobe return into high gear, prompting Vanessa to speak up.



The former model made it clear that under no circumstances was her husband returning to play in the NBA:

"Kobe will not be coming out of retirement to play again. He doesn't want to play again and frankly we really enjoy spending time together as a family without the crazy game schedule interfering with birthdays, holidays and special events."

Vanessa has always been fiercely protective of her husband. Specific sources claim that during an NBA party in 2013, she ordered female cocktail waitresses to stay out of Kobe’s VIP area, and mix his drinks herself.



Vanessa’s cautiousness might be a reaction to Kobe’s 2003 cheating scandal. She had given birth to their first child six months prior when a hotel staff leveled allegations of sexual abuse against him.

Kobe owned up to committing adultery, but Vanessa never left him. She later filed for divorce in 2011, only to call off the process in 2013.

With all the tough times they’ve been through, Kobe’s retirement might be just what they need to strengthen their bond further and nurture their family.

Kobe and Vanessa have three children, daughters Natalia, Gianna, and Bianka.