Former stray cat can't get enough of newborn human baby

Jaimie-lee Prince
Feb 28, 2019
05:40 A.M.
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Carla Reilly Moore and her husband are no longer shocked by the level of affection their pet showed it's new human sibling. The Siamese cat just loved her right away.


In Ontario, Moore and her husband run an animal sanctuary named "Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary" where they take in strays and turn their lives around with genuine love and care.

The Dodo reported how earlier this year, Moore was tasked with mending a skinny Siamese cat brought in by a concerned citizen. 

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Soon after taking her in, Moore went to the vet who determined the animal had a broken pelvis. She had been in dire pain for at least two weeks. 

Moore named the cat Sapphire. She joined the family just after Moore gave birth to her daughter Mary, in May.

The animal lover now had two new babies to take care of. But Sapphire made the shift to family life quite easy. 

"While we are not a domestic animal rescue, we focus mostly on farmed animals." She continued: "But for some reason when we received a call for Sapphire, we took her in, no questions asked. I found myself saying yes before I even know what I was saying!"


The first day at her new home, Sapphire was scared. She stayed hidden underneath a bed for the entire time. 


Moore described the sudden change soon after: 

"Out of the blue, she hopped up on our bed, quite awkwardly due to her pelvis, and went straight to my husband." She further described: "For the next couple of days she lavished my husband and then me while little Mary laid with us on the bed."

Over time, Sapphire took a keen interest in baby Mary. As she stayed around her mother, the baby was expectedly always nearby, too, being cared for.

More explained that she believes Mary "has a heart for animals just like [she and her husband] do." She added: "It's completely normal for her to have four-legged friends surrounding her at all times." 


"But something very special blossomed between sapphire and Mary." 



Initially, Sapphire "would keep her distance" with "a watchful eye." But soon enough, she "would hop up and run over beside Mary" when the dog approached. 

And then the snuggles began. Moore said she has "never seen a cat do this before. Their bond grew faster and faster. It was really unbelievable!"

She continued: 

"She just couldn’t seem to get close enough to her. Then she started to wrap her arms around the baby. She’d snuggle her face right into Mary’s neck." 

According to Moore, Sapphire meows when she doesn't know where Mary is.  And Mary is starting to reciprocate the animal's unspoken love. 



"Mary is now able to reach out and very gently pet Sapphire, and in turn, Sapphire rubs up and cuddles against Mary," Moore said. "At just 4 months old, Mary knows who 'Kitty' is, and looks right at her when you ask her where the kitty is. She reaches out and touches her ... It’s as if these guys have known each other forever."



Moore described the "love story" as something that "transcends time, transcends species and may even defy logic." She says they didn't know it, but they needed Sapphire in their lives.

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