September 23, 2018

Little girl discovers echoes for the very first time (video)

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An adorable baby girl became viral when a video of her surfaced on Facebook showing her reaction upon discovering echoes.

For the first time, this cute girl experienced what an echo is for the first time in her life.

Her father introduced it to her by taking the baby to an indoor handball court.

The baby’s reaction upon figuring out the phenomenon was too adorable that it came as no surprise why she gained so much attention online.


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The girl had no idea what an echo is before the video was taken. Her father introduced the concept to her by hooting inside the court. Naturally, the baby was confused at first but eventually enjoyed how the sound was bouncing back in the room.


The video started out with the baby making sounds. She soon discovered how her voice had been bouncing back at her following a slight delay.

Even though she seemed unsure of what was happening, she appeared to be amazed as her eyes widened.


Soon enough, she was seen giggling while repeatedly making sounds to hear the echoes of her small voice.

At one point, the baby’s father started to hoot as well. Because of his louder voice, the echoes were more intense than hers, and it amazed the baby even more.


She looked at her father in astonishment, and they eventually took turns hooting in the empty court.

With the baby’s adorable look of surprise and her giggles, the video quickly reached over a million views.

Social media users all over the world couldn’t help but gush over the cuteness of the little girl.

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