September 24, 2018

Video of heroic dog's quick reaction to his friend falling in a swimming pool goes viral

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A dog rescue goes viral.

Earlier in the summer, the Frazier family decided to adopt another dog.

They found Rebel at the Oklahoma Westie Rescue and decided to adopt him right away.

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It was at their home in Tulsa late last month when the family and the five rescue dogs were playing when the incident occurred.

Rebel revealed himself to be a hero.

One of the new rescue dogs, another Westie named Dax, fell into the family’s swimming pool.

Dax was struggling to get out of the pool.



Rebel runs to the pool and leaps in, swimming over to him he grabs Dax by the collar and pulls him out of the water on his own.

Courtney Todd of Oklahoma Westie Rescue told The Dodo:

"We are so proud of him for saving his dog brother. People often think that rescue dogs are broken, and are scarred for life. Rebel’s act of heroism proves that no matter their previous situation they deserve to have a second chance. Rebel is also a great example that rescue pets are amazing, and such loving creatures full of wonderful surprises."

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